Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of 9 councillors plus one part-time employed Clerk who is also the Financial Officer.

The Parish Council meet on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm at Eastington Village Hall.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend and there is a 20 minutes “public session” near the start of the meeting for the public to bring matters of concern to the Parish Council’s attention.

The Planning Committee meet on the fourth Thursday of each month usually at 7pm at Eastington Village Hall; meetings are convened only when there is sufficient business to discuss.

There are also various working groups who take initial responsibility for particular areas and report back to the Parish Council on a quarterly basis.  The groups are:

  • Getting Around Group (highways, traffic, footpaths)
  • Churchyard & Burial Group (closed churchyard and burial ground)
  • Resources Committee (staffing and financial matters).

Please see Documents/Policies for the Terms of Reference and Membership of the Committees and Working Groups.