Meet your Councillors


    Muriel Bullock

    I went to Eastington School, and in 1953 moved to a new council house in Victoria Drive. While bringing up four children up I was involved in village life, starting up a Brownie pack and on to Guides, and later forming the Eastington Youth Group (now known as Friends of Snakey Park).  I was initially co-opted onto the Parish Council in 2010 and re-elected in 2016.

    Vice Chair

      Jennifer Corrie

      Originally from London, I have lived in Gloucestershire for almost forty years, and moved from Cheltenham to Eastington in 2003.

      I became a Parish Councillor in 2013, following my retirement from a long, successful teaching career. My aim in joining EPC was to become more involved in our community and, as a member of Eastington Parish Council, I have endeavoured to use the skills and expertise I gained during my professional life for the benefit of our parish.

      In addition to being EPC’s Vice-Chair, I chair the Resources Working Group and I am a member of the Planning Committee. I have been a member of our NDP steering group, and I am currently EPC’s link with Eastington Allotments and The Canals Trust.


        Alex Bomberg

        Alex Bomberg has lived in Eastington most of his life, he has also lived for a short time in London and overseas when he served six years in the British Army in the 1990’s. During his time with the Army, Alex saw active service in Bosnia and also had the honour to be a personal Aide to members of the Royal family at Kensington Palace.

        Alex Bomberg lives in Chipmans Platt, Eastington, on the banks of the canal, from where he runs his business interests. For the past 20 years or so, Alex has been involved in the defence, intelligence and security industry and has business interests in the UK and overseas.

        Aside from Parish Council duties, Alex Bomberg is also a Trustee of the Owen Harris Memorial Ground.  Alex is passionate about protecting village life and the rural community where he grew up, protecting it and nurturing it for future generations.

          Mark Chatterley

          I moved in to the Parish in 2010 where at first I rented and have since purchased a property. I fell in love with the location from the people to the walking paths to the sense of community. I joined the Parish Council as I wanted to help find solutions to the complex problems that our Parish faces on a local level. I was co-opted to the Parish Council in 2016.

          I run a small business from the Parish working with digital audio. My work history has seen me working in and leading communications and editorial departments and working as a ‘technology-translator’ and troubleshooter for large IT projects.

            Andrew Cozens

            I’ve lived in the village all my life and seen many changes.  I run a dairy farm at Alkerton and have served on the Parish Council for many years.

              Lynne Farnden

              I was born in Devon but have spent most of my life in Gloucestershire. I moved to Eastington 23 years ago and I have no plans to move from this lovely Village. I joined the Parish Council following my retirement at Wycliffe College, where I have worked in their Finance Department for over 16 years. I respect the commitment and the hard work that has been involved in making this such a lovely place to live. I welcome the opportunity and look forward to be able to serve and support this wonderful community to the best of my ability.


                Alison Loveridge

                I have lived in Eastington for the majority of my life. I work full-time, however I wanted to give something back to the community that I grew up in and be a representative for the youth of our parish and to help keep our parish be a great one.

                  Jill Simmons

                  I am honoured to serve this Village as a Parish Councillor. My background is farming and my father served in WW I & II. I love the countryside, and have three grown-up children, seven grand children and three great-grand children. I was an only child and now that my family has grown so much, it fills me with interest and wish to pass on the love of the countryside and all that it can tell us. Eastington is a great village and we are aware of the problems facing it. We know that to develop we need to grow, and to welcome people here – but we do not want to lose our Village status and to become a small town. We are blessed with so many amenities; a wonderful Community Centre, St. Michael and All Angels, the Methodist Church, shops and public houses. I praise the dedicated people who have now provided Allotments and Community Orchard and will do my best to support the community as well as I can.

                    Sharon Wells

                    My family have lived in the village for over 40 years and I have been back for the last 10 after attending University in Worcester for 3 years where I attained a BA Hons in Drama and Performance. I toured with theatre companies for around 18 months which was great fun.  I joined the Parish Council in 2016 as I feel strongly about the changes happening in and around our Parish and believe as a community we must do the right thing for the parish and its parishioners.

                    District Councillors

                      Stephen Davies

                      • Tel: 07802 595307
                      • Representing: Severn Ward
                      • Email

                        John Jones

                        • Tel: 01452 740839
                        • Representing: Severn Ward
                        • Email

                        County Councillor

                          Lesley Williams

                          • Tel: 01453 791277
                          • Representing: Stonehouse Ward
                          • Email